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9 reasons to shop at maarvi

Secured Shopping

Maarvi offers never before online shopping experience which is guaranteed to give you encrypted online transaction service.

Our payment handler, 2CO, is certified with the Better Business Bureau, European and US Safe Harbor laws and makes every effort to ensure on-line shopping is safe for the customers. 2CO encrypts with 128-bit SSL encryption and leverage McAfee and Thawte for security.

Maarvi believes that shopping should be made convenient, flexible and trustworthy for everyone. Considering the reluctance of Asian Internet users to shop online, Maarvi assures you 100% safe transactions on ALL orders. Maarvi also offers various hosts for online transactions including Money Gram and Western Union.

Now there is nothing to fear about before you make your first order!

Professional Service is a service unmatched when it comes to buying eastern wears. The site has been made with great efforts to give you unprecedented experience in buying your clothes.

Maarvi aims to have a strong bond with its customers. We want our customers to be contended at all times. We provide details about the progress of your dress from every dye to every stitch. Every time your dress passes through our different stages of production, you will be informed about it. From the day you put your order till the time your dress is ready, our people will give you all the notifications so that our customers become a part of our process.

Our delivery promise is one of our greatest qualities. We guarantee proper delivery for your order. You no longer have to be disappointed with late order deliveries because we take time into great consideration! The products will be carefully packed in boxes and delivered with great care till you receive it. Our customers will be fully informed about the delivery reports day in and day out.


Shopping is no longer a sweat at all! Our service provides you easy and fully detailed access to a wide range designs and products while you just need to sit back at home and choose the dress which suites you best. Ordering online makes shopping a lot more easier as our customers will have to pay nowhere else but through online transactions while we bring your order to your doorstep!

We offer stitching services with custom made options as well as add-ons like bottoms and dupattas with your dress which matches your style! So no longer do you need to go to multiple places to fulfill your clothing desires. is easy to use for all; with simple features which you need to have a great shopping experience!


Maarvi offers a great array of choices for its customers while they choose their order.

To meet the needs of our customers we offer “Rapid Processing” service for those who need their orders to be prepared between 3 – 4 weeks while others can choose the normal processing time which is 5 – 6 weeks.

Customers can place their orders choosing between stitched and unstitched. Your dress can be made according to your requirements whether you like loose or fitted dressing or bell bottoms for your sleeves. The dresses can be tailored to your requirements as we can get it stitched for you according to your measurements.

Noble Cause

The driving force behind the establishment of maarvi was to bring the bright talent of the sub continental fashion industry into the limelight which has been never been given a chance to prove their true potentials which is an asset for everyone. Maarvi is a platform to bring out these artists who remain hidden behind the veils to showcase their masterpieces to the world. The maarvi Brand Ambassadorship Programme (BAP) is for all such designers who are seeking for recognition of their work. These people have been neglected and under shadowed in our societies. So its your chance to help these diamonds to find their true worth. For further information in regard to this matter you can contact us through our contact details.


Maarvi has a wide range of selected designers with great experience in the sub continental fashion industry. Our designers have been working since many years. Maarvi is the only company of a kind where you can find many professional designers at the same place. This gives our customers an extremely wide array of designs to choose from.


We believe in satisfying our customers to the greatest level. Quality is the most important factor in our production process. From the time your cloth is bought till the time it is ready to be delivered we ensure your dress to be of the highest quality. We have set high quality standards at each stage of our production line and our products are passed through vigorous quality checks throughout production. We guarantee that our product will completely satisfy you and will be made to perfection according to your requirements. Maarvi aims to promote sub continental dresses by providing them in the best quality to meet international standards.

Fabric Class

Maarvi offers you with three classes of fabric to suite your personal requirements. The three classes are:


Each class has a different type of fabric for your dress which suites your daily wear needs or for your exquisite occasions. However it is important to note that maarvi does not make any compromise with the quality of the fabric of each class. The promised type of fabric will be purely the same. There will be NO difference in the quality of the embroidery whichever fabric class you choose.

Risk Free:

We guarantee the free returns of any defects or wrong sizes of your dresses.